Kids Workout Camp with Coach Erika

Who: 5-8 year olds, and 8-12 year olds 

What: Sessions will consist of a workout, which will focus on the fundamentals and safe movement, as well as a short discussion around nutrition.

When: Weeks of –

  • 6/12
  • 6/19
  • 6/26
  • 7/3 *only one session due to 4th of July, dates changed to Wednesday (Davenport) and Thursday (Moline)
  • 7/10
  • 7/17


  • Davenport (5335 Carey Ave)
    • Monday & Wednesday
    • 8am-9am : 5-8 year olds
    • 10am-11am: 8-12 year olds
  • Moline (1567 36th Ave)
    • Tuesday & Friday 
    • 8am-9am : 5-8 year olds
    • 10am-11am: 8-12 year olds

*8 year olds have the freedom of choosing which session they join, based on their ability level and knowledge around fitness. Please reach out directly if you are interested, but have a child outside these are ranges, or have questions about your child’s placement.

*You are welcome to choose your location based on your preference of days of the week.

The cost will be $175 per child. This includes all 11 sessions and a t-shirt! 

There must be a minimum of 5 kids signed up per session. If there is not a minimum of 5 kids signed up, then you will have the option of taking your child to the other location or having your child join the other age group. This will be communicated out if it looks like it may become an issue.

Are you interested in signing up? 

Sing up using the following link – 

Email [email protected] with any questions.