Learn more about all of our programming options!

Attention month-to-month TM Members!

Did you know that you have access to SEVEN different workout tracks?!

You can access these tracks using SugarWOD – the app where all our daily workouts are posted. If you haven’t downloaded SugarWOD yet, be sure to do so! You’ll need an access code to get started, so ask Coach Ryan or Coach Erika about it. 

Here’s a quick description of all the different tracks:

MOMENTUM and LONGEVITY are the two tracks we utilize for our class programming. The Momentum track has higher level gymnastics, and more technical olympic lifts. Our Longevity track is scaled back from our Momentum track and is designed for individuals of ALL ability levels, ages, experience, etc. Don’t forget to check the “workout prep notes” for additional scaling options!

The following workout tracks are meant to be supplemental, & are designed to help you work on your weaknesses or devote some extra time to other areas of interest. 👇


The At Home workouts are designed for someone who wants to workout at home when they can’t make it in for class or who is traveling and has limited access to equipment. Each day’s workout includes both bodyweight and dumbbell variations and provides a warm-up, cool-down, and workout notes that clearly explain the intended stimulus, target score, time cap, movement explanation, scaling options, and more. This program includes a 30-minute workout (plus optional bonus pieces), 6 days/week.


Our conditioning track includes three different conditioning focused workout tracks –

    • These workouts are no barbell, bootcamp-style workouts. They offer lots of sweat, hard work, and fun. This program includes a 45-60 minute workout, 2 days/week.
    • The running program offers interval, aerobic, and anaerobic style running workouts. This program includes two running workouts per week.
  • SPIN:
    • The Spin workouts include interval-style training on the BikeErg. These non-stop sweat sessions are for those who want a break from the lifting and stress of other classes. Climb on the bike and grind. You can also change it up and use an Assault bike, Echo bike, rower, or SkiErg. This program includes a 45-60 minute workout, 1 day a week.


We have two different types of weightlifting tracks –

    • This class focuses on improving athletes’ strength and technique in Olympic lifting. Each day includes a warm-up, Olympic lifting skill and technique work, classic strength training, core, and accessory pieces. Programming includes 60-minute classes offered three times a week.
    • Our accessory track is a stand-alone hypertrophy-focused program (bodybuilding style). Sessions are not done “for time”. Instead, the goal is to perform each set with quality and control, unless otherwise stated. This program includes 6 workouts per week.


This track is used to log our monthly challenge. We use our monthly challenge as a small, extra way for members to challenge themselves outside of class!

Using these extra tracks is a great way to personalize your experience here at TM, as well as get additional value out of your membership! If you have any questions about this, ask one of your coaches! 

Check out the screenshots below to see how you access these tracks. ⬇️