June Challenge

The Challenge: Accumulate 50 burpees per day every day in the month of June.*

*If you generally follow our Longevity track, your goal is 35 burpees every day.

Challenge Dates: June 1 – June 30


  • These do NOT have to be completed all at once. For example, you could do 20 in the morning, 15 before your workout, and 15 before dinner.
  • Don’t save all 50 until right before bed. Your body should be winding down for sleep then.
  • Find a Burpee Buddy to keep you accountable in this challenge. A group of you could do 25 before class and 25 after!
  • Any burpees in your workout can be counted towards your 50 daily burpee total. BUT, they can only be counted towards THAT day (no rolling over….aka if you do 100 burpees in a workout on Friday, you still have to do 50 burpees on Saturday)

Modification Options:

  • Wheelchair option: transfer from wheelchair to a bench/surface area of the same height, and back. Perform an arm jack in between.
  • Up Downs
  • Modified Burpees: knee push-up, no jumping
  • Elevated Up Downs: off bench or chair, no push-up

By completing all 30 days of June, you will have completed 1,500 Burpees‼️