How I Stay Motivated 💪

Written by Coach Erika

First off, I don’t always stay motivated. I rely heavily on habits & discipline. But I do have a few tools that help when I’m really in a slump ⤵️

✨I consume content that is aligned with my goals. Whether that’s a podcast, a YouTube video, a book, what I follow on social media, or what I watch on TV, I make sure I am regularly engaging with motivational & healthy content. This helps remind me why it all matters to me & why I want to live this way. 

✨Have a workout buddy or fitness/health community. Surrounding yourself with like minded people is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track. They will inspire you, hold you accountable, & make it fun!

✨Track your progress (ideally in multiple ways).  When you see a visual representation of yourself moving closer to your goals, it helps keep you going. Depending on what my goals are in the moment, I may use pictures, measurements, or my weight; but my favorite way to track progress is by tracking what I’m doing in the gym. It’s so motivating to see the weights I’m lifting getting heavier or finishing workouts in a faster time.

✨On a similar note, be sure to reflect on and celebrate🥳 those little wins along the way. Take time to recall how you feel when you finish a tough workout or how your body feels when you’re eating nourishing foods. 

Remember, health is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Motivation will come and go, you’ll have busy seasons, and you’ll have hard times, but don’t give up on yourself. You’re worth it. 🖤

-Coach Erika